English texts

I'm a second langauge learner

English texts

I'm a second langauge learner

English texts

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دوشنبه, ۲۹ آذر ۱۳۹۵، ۰۷:۱۲ ق.ظ

if you want to start learning English.. let's learn together step by step!


Step 1 :

You should download below document. It is consist of the structures of all verb tenses, such as simple present, present perfect ,…  .

The Verb Tenses and grammar

if you have the problem everywhere of it.. say me

Note: If you know the structures of verb tenses, you can skip it.  Of course that is also consist of the other initial rules of grammar. It is good to see at least once..

+ That is the booklet of my teacher Mr Taheri. At now He is the student of Doctorate of English language.(Of course I don't know his studying branch!)

I hope he will be satisfied with sharing of his booklet ; of course I'm sure he is not opposite with it, because he is self-respect person!


Step 2 :

If you know grammar, without knowing vocabs, you can't speak or write!

Thus vocab is very important. But what kind of the vocabs ?

Memorizing of words without use them is not useful!

504 .. 1100..  4000 Essential English Words and ...... there are many different resources for vocabs, but I think those are useful just for tests and exams! You must use the vocabs in your sentences and your speaking; otherwise it will be forgotten after a couple of weeks!

Suggest :

illustrated Everyday Expressions

We will learn all of the parts of this book little by little.

this book is very very good resource for speaking and writing!

Step 3 :

You must read and write a lot! But how?

There are many resources for reading. But you can read storybooks of Oxford University that those are classified with 6 stages.

At first, you read a storybook from level 1. If it was easy, you select stage 2 or 3 or… .  The book that you don’t understand it or it have many difficult vocabs is not suitable for you and you must select a book from the lower stage!

After read storybook you should write the summary of that story by yourself.

search the classified storybooks from here(refer to the below image)Oxford


Step 4 :

You have to can present your summary to others.

Of course before  that, your pronunciation have to get good!

Step 5 , 6 ,…


Note 2 : In next Posts, I will explain about every step more.

۹۵/۰۹/۲۹ موافقین ۰ مخالفین ۰
.. Maysam


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So good
Continue .

Hi Mehrdaad
thank you.. r
I need to a partner to continue.. r
are you ready for begining? BESMELLAH :) r

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