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I'm a second langauge learner

English texts

I'm a second langauge learner

English texts

(: !You're welcome :)

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In the name of God .. Before anything

جمعه, ۲۶ آذر ۱۳۹۵، ۰۱:۵۶ ب.ظ

 In the Name of Allah, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful 

Hello everyone

Today I want to say about myself and this Weblog!

The idea of making of one weblog have been in my mind , since a couple of months ago! But for many reasons it was not done!

However, I'm happy for beginning of this Weblog from Today, in the anniversary of birth of our prophet ,Mohammad(peace be upon him), and our sixth Imam ,Imam saadeq(p. b. u. h.), too.

I'm maysam , 24 years old and single. I'm living in Qazvin and at now I am a soldier!    Of course it was over 3 days ago...

Right now I'm unemployed and in search of my favorite job!  Of course I know that it(finding job) is very hard in this critical economic situation of my country, but I hope!       The humankind is alive with the hope!

I was very willing to learn English for many reasons, such as relationship with the people all over the world ..

I often make mistakes a lot in Writing, speaking, listening and so on.. It is because I'm a beginner language learner and naturally I may make many mistakes in my writings and speakings.

But I will never write or speak persian in this Weblog!

I will get very happy, if you help me to improve my ability.. thanks :)


My Approach in this way(language learning) is based on Mr Taheri's Method (who is My English Teacher).

According to this method ..

We learn the structures of all Verb tenses in the first term!

and at the end, after a couple of months (or years!)..

We can speak with a native speaker easily!

If you're willing to learn English and know more about his(Mr Taheri) method, send a comment to me in this weblog.   I will glad to see your comments!

Advice :

if you have a partner to speak, exercise and ... , you will success very soon!

Note :

If you see every wrong in my writing, tell me please.. Thanks a lot!

By the way.. You're welcome ! :)

۹۵/۰۹/۲۶ موافقین ۰ مخالفین ۰

نظرات  (۱۳)

I am happy for you and this weblog
It's very good idea
I hope it help you to be beter your english languag

Find a job is very haaaard now :/
I know
But we shold be hope...

Why you don't write persion here? Perhaps one person can not speaks english but he/she can undrestand your posts and he/she want telles you his/her idea!!

I know may be a lot mistakes in my comment!! In my writting or my grammer :-D
 But don't worry Mr beginner languag learner :)))
I think "beginner languag learn" is true o_O

Thank you ^_^ 
(: Hi
I'm soooo thankful you for your comment

that's right.. it's so hard unfortunately

 You're right! that is just my limitation! you can speak (or write..:) ) persian here
نظرتونو فارسی بگین خو.. :)

It's not important! I make many mistakes in writing, too! HA HA HA HA(HAMOON khkhkhkh  KHODEMOON! :)) )r

 (: !thanks a lot for your encouragement

Are you sure ? Why? the meaninig of "beginner" is "MOBTADI". thus, beginner language learner means "FARAAGIRE MOBTADIE ZABAAN" What's the wrong?r

 (: tnx again
Congratulations for new weblog ,and congratulations for finishing the military service
That s a great idea to speak and share our comments and ideas in english in order to improve it. 
I hope so good happenings for your web
And dont be worry about finding job,if you want and try ,you will  gain the best.Be patient
Good luck 
(: Hello
Thank you veeery much
Okay. It is good if we continue it! r

That's right.. I have no idea.. I agree with you
(: ...patient

Good luck, too
Just one thing..
The coorect form of the first sentence in the 2nd last paragraph is "if you see any wrong in ...."

Oh..why the panctuation marks  here become mixed !!!
thanks a lot for your notification
But one question.. Why "any"?       before, I have read in grammar lessons that it(any) comes in negative sentences.. but this sentence is positive

): ..Because of text direction of here

Excuse me.. I have a question
Have you learned English before in university or...? or your ability is based on your own trying? r

آی دونت نو انگلیش :دی

وری گُود مستر میثم !

وری گُود مای سیستر  اسییییییییییییییی :*


آقا من برم تا بیشتر از این سوتی ندادم :دی

برای خودم متاسف شدم :|:(

10سال دوری از زبان همین میشه دیگه :|:(

اکسکیوز می مستر :|:(

آی هم دونت نو زیاد! :))
تنک یو

یاد یه شعر دو زبانه:)) افتادم ک بچگیا میخوندیم!
شعرش این بود..
آی ام ز غمت وری وری ساری
دِی آر میگن دوستم میداری
پیکچرتو بده ب یادگاری
با فادِر مادِر میام خواستگاری!

کجا میرید؟؟ ده سال دوری بس نیست؟! نزدیک بشین بهش خو! :)
پست بعدی در مورد مراحل یادگیری قدم به قدمه.. اگه علاقه داشته باشین و وقت بذارین، ب نظرم مفید میتونه باشه..

من ترجمه خوب بلدم ولی نوشتن رو مشکل داشتم :|

ببخشین که دیگه نمیشه بنویسم ولی تا حدودی متوجه شدم اسی چی گفتن :)

پست البته هنوز نخوندم راستش :|:)

ترجمه هم خوبه..
اما ترجمه و حتی نوشتن زیرمجموعه صحبت کردن هستن ب نوعی.. اگه صحبت کردنتون(کردنمون) خوب شه ..به مثابه صدی هست که نودش هم پیش شماست! :)

خیلی خوبه واسه شروع..

تو پست کمی در مورد خودم و شروع وبلاگ نوشتم و اینکه اگه هر کسی دوست داشت میتونه تشریف بیاره همراه همدیگه مسیر یادگیری رو از صفر تا... هر جا که تونستیم پیش بریم.. :)

شعر عالی بود :)


اگر این وبلاگم نشه همون شعرهای حفظ کردنی که گذاشتین و بعد ولش کردین خوبه امیدوارم ادامه پیدا کنه ولی یهو نشه شعر حفظ کردنی ها :))


زشت نیست من اینجا دارم فارسی مینویسم ؟:|:(

میگم شباهنگ بانو و مستر نیما بیان اینجا :)

اینا استادترن :)


من از زبان خاطرات خوبی سراغ ندارم اما تا حدودی دوستش دارم ولی خاطرات بدم مزیت علته دوری منه :|


ممنونم بخاطر خلاصه پست تون به فارسی :)


حفظ رو کسی پایه نبود ادامه ندادم.. در عوض الان گروه مشاعره داریم دیگه! :)
اینجا فرق میکنه دیگه.. تنها هم باشم، ادامه میدم مسیرو...

خیر! :)
خواهش میکنم.. قدمشون رو چشم..
خیلیم خوب.. از نظرات و تجربیاتشون استفاده میکنیم..

خاطره خوب بسازید! خاطرات بد خودشون دور میشن...

تمنا :)
Hi again
Your welcome

Yes,"any" comes in both negetive and quastions, for example we say"is there any book on the desk?"  A
Another fault i see here is that "wrong " is adjective.You know ,we use adj before noun,not lonely or just noun of that adj..So , It 's better to write "Is there any  mistake/fault in my writing... A

I 'm sorry ,another wrong ...you have written"I am agree." Agree is verb,the correct form is "I agree." A

Your welcome, i used from english classes. A

If my comments bothers you, plz tell me not say the faults ,and if you see any mistake from my sentences,you tell me. A

I used  A in order to keep the pancutations marks in correct form :)
(: Hi
I didn't know the meaning of "your welcome"! .. tnx for it

Thus.. In that sentence any fault is true or every fualt?? Is this sentence positive or negative? r
you're right. Probably "wrong" is not true here. r

I am agree with you. it is true! The meaning of "be agree with" is "MOVAFEGH BOODAN BA" and it is common. in the «learning steps post» in the "Illustrated Everyday Expressions" book, it has come too. r
Oh.. my God! excuse me.. you're right! "agree" is true not "be agree"! r

Now you are not the student of English ? r

Your welcome. I'm thankful you a lot for saying my faults. r
OH.. lady, you are the master ! :) I'm an elementary student of E. language. r
I didn't realize at last! you wrote: "if you see any mistake from my sentences"
why "any" ?? this sentence is positive or negative? r

((: okay! that is good idea! r
I am used to "r" for that! r

If you have suggests for fast learning grammar and writing and... , if it is possible, you say us. tnx
Where is my comment ?! 
Is there any comment recieved here from me or not ?!A

+again "any" in question form ! :) A

Your comment?! Which comment?! r
NO O_o  ... there isn't! r
It has been verified all of the comments! r

Ok.. But your sentence (if you see any mistake from my sentences) was not Question form.. was it? r
Native like¿¡commooon
 R u sure then¿
not native like.. discussion with a native speaker. Of course about every topic! r
I'm sure.. aren't you ? r

 (: Hi.. you're welcome
Really ? I had written a long comment :/ A
Ok.. i will write again as soon as possible .A
I like to participate in your posts,but sorry i really cant. My time is so limited...... A
Oh.. No :| sorry .. there is nothing... r
you should take a copy from your long comments... r

Thank you a looot.. r

Your welcome.. it(posts) is not important.. :) tnx again.. r
Hi Mr.Meysam again ! Your previous web tempted me to come here and write that comment again :) Sorry for the delay .A

We use any in 2 types of sentences ,in negetive sentences and questions , e.g "Is there any book on the desk?" , and "I dont have any idea about that problem." Thats the grammer, and you can find it in any grammer book.  A

No ,i am not  english student , my major  is architecture ,and i used english classes  some years ago :) .A

Oh ,thank you so much , thats kind of you , i have many problems in english too.

Learning english needs the time and practice.you can improve it easily.There are many  good grammer books ,i dont know them exactly , but i have saw these books which are not bad for grammer(English grammer digest )and (ketabe zirezarebin baraye arshad).For grammer they are good,BUT these are just  my views,i dont prove them compeletly ,you can go and look them yourself before providing :) A

I have a very good suggestion for memorisng vocabulary,just go to bazar(application!!)and download Memrise application.Thats great for learning vocab for ever :) A

Un 2 ta ketabi k neveshtam bara grammer bad nistan ,mn az bazi gesmatashun estefade kardam va mofid budan.Baz behtare az kasayi k too in zamine etelateshun berooztare rahnemayi begirin,dar kol zaban fgt o fgt tamrin o  tekrar lazem dare .

Un app ro ham bzanin be gooshi,ya berin too sitesh ,baraye hefze loghat aaaliye.tazminii :) A
Sry k finglish neveshtam axaresho :) A
Hi Ms Me'maarak .. your welcome. Tnx a lot :) r

OK .. it's right. but that sentence was not these types...! let's skip :) r

Oh.. you're right.. You are architecturak!(Me'maarak) =) I had forgotten it! r

NO.. you've good writing really.:) r

Thank you so much for your suggestion .. I'll read them :)[flower] r
Here doesn't have any sticker!! [flower] is instead of it! :) r

Tnx for app.. I downloaded it after you said.. but haven't use it yet.

Tazmin nadin! chon momkene IQ man paein bashe!! :)) r
Kheiilii Mochaker k vaght ghozaashtin .. :) r
Where is my comment again ?! :)) A
Bazam hapoo bord ?! :) A
NO NO.. Hapoo hasn't taken it!:)) r
I'll reply to it tomorrow...
Tnx for it

Ok , SKIP :D 
Thanks for the flower :) A

The Memrise app doesnt relate to the IQ ,if you start it you will addict to it ! And its better to start e.g with 504.Go to the searching part and type 504 ,you can find iranian courses there 
which the meanings of the vocabs are in persian ! A

Thank you again ,and good luck.A


your welcome ^_^ r

Oh.. addict! -_- :)) r
searching part in that app ? or in Internet?? r

Thanks a lot for help me.. :) r

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