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I'm a second langauge learner

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I'm a second langauge learner

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Who Am I

شنبه, ۲۷ آذر ۱۳۹۵، ۰۸:۰۲ ب.ظ

 Tonight I wanna write about myself. Of course I'm not going to speak about my identification information or my story from childhood to now.

I'm going to introduce my self as a humankind with reply to this question: "Who Am I ?"

I am a human, the son of Adam and Eve (p. b. u. t.) .We ,humans, have lived on the earth since 10 thousands years of ago to now.

Some people like Charles Darwin think that we are from a kind of monkeys' descent, ape descent. But some others ,for instance the most of Muslims, believe that at first the humankind was made of soil or mud.

Of course I think it may not be true!  because the Quran ,the Muslims' book, has mentioned to be making the humankind of soil or mud , but it hasn't emphasized that the humankind has created of soil or mud!  If you aren't agree with me, you can refer to the Quran, the Sura of Mo'menoon, initial 20 sections. let's skip.

Right now, We almost are in the middle of the way, of course perhaps in the end of the way. In this way (our life time) we must try to do well, in all of fields such as worship, morality, behavior with us, our God and others, helping to others, progressing and developing in science and knowledge , and the most important of all thinking about everything and so on...

If we do well in this cases, we will get happy in the futurity, but if we do badly we  will feel sorry at the end.

Some people say this world is the only world of this universe and humankind will die out after death; While the other groups like religious people believe deeply that this world is not the only world and the human will go to another world(universe) after dying. Therefore the humans must try to do well in their lifetime to collect the positive points until these points help them in the another world in the futurity.  Of course this is not my idea. It is according to Imam Ali's words that says : "This world is the farm of the another world."

He also says : "God will forgive the human who knows have come from where, is in where, and going to where!"

I said this sentences to emphasize that we have not here just for eating, drinking, sleeping, enjoying of nature and the doings like these.   In addition to these doings, here we are for thinking about ourselves, our world and universe, the purpose of our creating and everything like these.

The world will get better place with thinking. Of course thinking and acting! Think

۹۵/۰۹/۲۷ موافقین ۰ مخالفین ۰
.. Maysam

Who Am I

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