The adventures

Second langauge learner

The adventures

Second langauge learner

The adventures

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Sections of the "Basic English Grammar" , Betty Azar
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said a butterfly whose wings had been left in the hands of a child!


Unemployment ?!

date: 22 May 2019

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The summary of "The Railway Children" (Stage3)

til Friday..

Railway Children

The first storybook in this weblog!

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The Philosophy behind of day and night....

The papers are going to be load...

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_ Why is there nobody here?!

+ You're alone Maysam! Yu Ha Ha Ha Ha ! :))

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تو این پست و پست های مشابه، لغت های کتاب «Illustrated Everyday Expressions» رو به صورت بخش بخش بررسی میکنیم.
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if you want to start learning English.. let's learn together step by step!


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 Tonight I wanna write about myself. Of course I'm not going to speak about my identification information or my story from childhood to now.

.. Maysam
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 In the Name of Allah, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful 

Hello everyone

Today I want to say about myself and this Weblog!

The idea of making of one weblog have been in my mind , since a couple of months ago! But for many reasons it was not done!

However, I'm happy for beginning of this Weblog from Today, in the anniversary of birth of our prophet ,Mohammad(peace be upon him), and our sixth Imam ,Imam saadeq(p. b. u. h.), too.

I'm maysam , 24 years old and single. I'm living in Qazvin and at now I am a soldier!    Of course it was over 3 days ago...

Right now I'm unemployed and in search of my favorite job!  Of course I know that it(finding job) is very hard in this critical economic situation of my country, but I hope!       The humankind is alive with the hope!

I was very willing to learn English for many reasons, such as relationship with the people all over the world ..

I often make mistakes a lot in Writing, speaking, listening and so on.. It is because I'm a beginner language learner and naturally I may make many mistakes in my writings and speakings.

But I will never write or speak persian in this Weblog!

I will get very happy, if you help me to improve my ability.. thanks :)


My Approach in this way(language learning) is based on Mr Taheri's Method (who is My English Teacher).

According to this method ..

We learn the structures of all Verb tenses in the first term!

and at the end, after a couple of months (or years!)..

We can speak with a native speaker easily!

If you're willing to learn English and know more about his(Mr Taheri) method, send a comment to me in this weblog.   I will glad to see your comments!

Advice :

if you have a partner to speak, exercise and ... , you will success very soon!

Note :

If you see every wrong in my writing, tell me please.. Thanks a lot!

By the way.. You're welcome ! :)

.. Maysam
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